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livejournal is the medium for rambling

I thought I'd write a short ramble for livejournal now. I'm going to talk about social networks now.

  • Twitter is for brief observations and links.
  • Facebook is for slightly personal status updates.
  • Reddit is for chatting with strangers about things arcane, ridiculous, and (occasionally) poignant.
  • Livejournal is for rambling.
Above are the sites I use most. I could go on. Well hell, of course I could, this is livejournal. Some of the sites I do not use are:

  • Tumblr is for tastemaking. I don't use it because it seems like a bad place for content creators, since it encourages other tumblr users to re-post your stuff with minimal credit. I will probably get on the bandwagon eventually, though.
  • Deviantart is very much for content creators. I still don't use it. I make funny stuff for the internet mostly, not "art" in a conventional sense, and I guess deviantart never felt like my scene. I have an account though, since it's a wonderful place to find fresh eye candy.
  • Formspring is for people who like to talk about themselves. I might like to pour out my thoughts on the internet, but I'm still too private to tell strangers to "ask me anything." A formspring account feels like a promise I can't keep.
  • Ustream is for streaming yourself. A lot of people have video blogs. I admire their devil-may-care attitude. The idea of putting myself in front of a camera for everyone to laugh at terrifies me. I have considered streaming my drawing process while making comics, but my art is just not impressive enough, nor am I disciplined enough to have a lot of structured "sit down and draw" time.
What other social networks do you use? 


Also, since I haven't posted any comics lately, here's a slightly relevant one from a few weeks ago: 

nobody reads my blog timeline

And here's one I made two days ago. It depicts me and Jim. I got all warm and fuzzy drawing us holding hands: 

moon half full

There are a good deal more new drawings on if you want to go over there and see what's new. Sorry I stopped cross-posting everything. I love my livejournal but updating every time was getting to be too much work ...

See you soon :) 
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