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I haven't posted to LJ in a while and remembered I'm way behind on these things.

For one, there is a lot of new stuff on stickycomics.com. Sorry I haven't been cross-posting it all over here. It's kinda hard to remember LJ all the time. Sad but true :/

I was just thinking a few thoughts about quitting smoking and wanted to write them down. I believe I quit more than five years ago now.


When I first quit smoking successfully (I had tried before and failed), I didn't quit all at once. This might sound like a bad idea, but I don't think cold turkey works for everyone. Instead, I made quitting smoking my steady goal, even though my self-control was sometimes weak. Being a non-smoker is still hard sometimes.

I also chewed nicotine gum while I quit. Yeah, it's not pleasant, but it makes you feel a little more human. At first, living without nicotine felt like walking on a gravel road barefoot when everyone else was wearing shoes. For years after I quit I chewed the gum occasionally when I was really stressed out, because I'd desperately want a cigarette.

And sometimes I just go ahead and have a cigarette, maybe every two months. For people who never smoke, that might sound weak, or even like I'm still a smoker. For someone who smoked a pack a day (that's 20 cigarettes daily, or 600 cigarettes a month), the difference is night and day.

I'm not at all tempted to be a smoker again, so I don't think smoking a couple cigarettes means I'm relapsing. It just means I slipped up, but I won't smoke tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that, because I am no longer a smoker.

I've been healthier. When I have a cold, it doesn't last as long, and when I climb a flight of stairs -- or a mountain -- I am winded less easily. My sense of taste and smell is better and non-smokers don't think I smell (or taste) like an ashtray anymore. I can stay inside when the weather sucks, and when it doesn't I can still go out for no reason at all. I need air, food, water, and shelter. I don't need a cigarette. Life as a non-smoker rocks.

So I would give this advice to anyone who's quitting: Do your own thing. A lot of people tell you a lot of crazy things about quitting smoking. Seriously, all you really have to do is not smoke. Once you figure out a way you can be sane without cigarettes, the rest is doable.


That's all I wanted to say about smoking :)

Now that I've posted something on LJ, I will try to come back soon! Right now I'm a little busy with living, work, etc. I'm getting ready for the MoCCA cartoon art festival in NYC in a couple weeks. I'm excited! NYC, I <3'ed you before it was cool :)

And if you want comics please go check http://stickycomics.com! See you soon :)

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Thanks so much for your responses ... the experience of quitting has really changed me and it's really interesting to hear how others have looked at it. When one day you wake up and realize you're not in the grip of addiction anymore, it deserves the retrospection. I totally agree that moderation is the key to happiness! Even moderation in self-denial :)

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