christiann (xiann) wrote,

Monkeys with Typewriters

In recent months, my friends and I started a write-in club at The Soundry. It's an "extreme writing" club, meaning we sometimes do speed-writing and we're in it for the action. This is to say we WRITE. We don't muddle around with readings, discussions, and exercises except for what happens naturally in the course of our 4+ hour long Monday night meetings.

Our club is called Monkeys With Typewriters (MoWiTy). It's been a real boon to me creatively. These last few weeks, I used the time to make comics instead of write the young readers' fantasy novel I'd been working on (which needs a lot of editing). Now I have a ton of new comics in the hopper and am really psyched about finishing them.

There's something electric about the hum of productivity and being surrounded by cool people doing interesting things. It changes, and it leaves one place for another sometimes, but I hope it never leaves my life. And I hope I will always chase it when it does.
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