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floyd fest
Here's a new drawing I posted to http://stickycomics.com

cheerios & chex!

Hey guys! What a week! I spent the long weekend in Huntsville, Alabama. We went to a wedding and saw Space Camp and the NASA space center from which 'Merica first sent astronauts to the moon. It was pretty rad. Here I am with a yellow submarine.

I returned Monday night to a whirlwind of last minute comics things that have to get done before ...

INTERVENTION!! "Your online life, in person."
Friday, September 10 to Sunday, September 12. That's this weekend!
Rockville, MD

I'll be exhibiting at table 70! There I will be giving away free postcards and selling our awesome handmade t-shirts, plus prints and buttons. Please come by and say hey! I'd love to see you there :D

Here's a map:

And these are the panels where you'll find me:

Who’s Afraid of Traditional Media? How to Art Dangerously Without the “Undo” Button - Fri 6pm
It seems that everybody likes those cool effects that make digital art LOOK like traditional media, but a lot of people are scared to try actual traditional media themselves. This panel will give a brief overview of a few easily-accessible traditional mediums and how to approach them without fear. (It’s not REALLY impossible to correct your mistakes! Well, ok, sometimes…) It will also cover how to digitize your pictures for the internet via Photoshop — scanning regular and oversized images, and adjusting those images to get what’s on the screen to look like what’s on the paper — and show methods for taking your traditional drawings and turning them into a webcomic.
Panelists: Erin Fitzgerald, Christiann MacAuley, Ben McCormick

Young Punks Kicking It: The New Kids on the Block - Sat 1pm
This panel is comprised of webcomic artists and creators who’ve been doing their work online for less than 2 years. They’ll kick and scream about how things are harder now, and they’re misunderstood and being repressed by “the man”. They’ll also provide the real deal and give their take on what you need to do now to get going in the Web 2.0 and social networking age.
Panelists: Travis Surber, Tovias, Christann MacAuley, Allison Sarnoff

How to Use Social Media without Inadvertently Seeming like a Jerk - Sun 11am
Social Media has changed the industry dramatically. Gone are the days when creators had little to no contact with their fans. Which services are worth using? How do we use them? What are some common mistakes? What are some creative promotional techniques?
Panelists: Chris Flick, Illya Kuryakin, Christiann MacAuley, Ben McCormick, Jean Marie Ward


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