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livejournal is the medium for rambling

I thought I'd write a short ramble for livejournal now. I'm going to talk about social networks now.

  • Twitter is for brief observations and links.
  • Facebook is for slightly personal status updates.
  • Reddit is for chatting with strangers about things arcane, ridiculous, and (occasionally) poignant.
  • Livejournal is for rambling.
Above are the sites I use most. I could go on. Well hell, of course I could, this is livejournal. Some of the sites I do not use are:

  • Tumblr is for tastemaking. I don't use it because it seems like a bad place for content creators, since it encourages other tumblr users to re-post your stuff with minimal credit. I will probably get on the bandwagon eventually, though.
  • Deviantart is very much for content creators. I still don't use it. I make funny stuff for the internet mostly, not "art" in a conventional sense, and I guess deviantart never felt like my scene. I have an account though, since it's a wonderful place to find fresh eye candy.
  • Formspring is for people who like to talk about themselves. I might like to pour out my thoughts on the internet, but I'm still too private to tell strangers to "ask me anything." A formspring account feels like a promise I can't keep.
  • Ustream is for streaming yourself. A lot of people have video blogs. I admire their devil-may-care attitude. The idea of putting myself in front of a camera for everyone to laugh at terrifies me. I have considered streaming my drawing process while making comics, but my art is just not impressive enough, nor am I disciplined enough to have a lot of structured "sit down and draw" time.
What other social networks do you use? 


Also, since I haven't posted any comics lately, here's a slightly relevant one from a few weeks ago: 

nobody reads my blog timeline

And here's one I made two days ago. It depicts me and Jim. I got all warm and fuzzy drawing us holding hands: 

moon half full

There are a good deal more new drawings on if you want to go over there and see what's new. Sorry I stopped cross-posting everything. I love my livejournal but updating every time was getting to be too much work ...

See you soon :) 
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I haven't posted to LJ in a while and remembered I'm way behind on these things.

For one, there is a lot of new stuff on Sorry I haven't been cross-posting it all over here. It's kinda hard to remember LJ all the time. Sad but true :/

I was just thinking a few thoughts about quitting smoking and wanted to write them down. I believe I quit more than five years ago now.


When I first quit smoking successfully (I had tried before and failed), I didn't quit all at once. This might sound like a bad idea, but I don't think cold turkey works for everyone. Instead, I made quitting smoking my steady goal, even though my self-control was sometimes weak. Being a non-smoker is still hard sometimes.

I also chewed nicotine gum while I quit. Yeah, it's not pleasant, but it makes you feel a little more human. At first, living without nicotine felt like walking on a gravel road barefoot when everyone else was wearing shoes. For years after I quit I chewed the gum occasionally when I was really stressed out, because I'd desperately want a cigarette.

And sometimes I just go ahead and have a cigarette, maybe every two months. For people who never smoke, that might sound weak, or even like I'm still a smoker. For someone who smoked a pack a day (that's 20 cigarettes daily, or 600 cigarettes a month), the difference is night and day.

I'm not at all tempted to be a smoker again, so I don't think smoking a couple cigarettes means I'm relapsing. It just means I slipped up, but I won't smoke tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that, because I am no longer a smoker.

I've been healthier. When I have a cold, it doesn't last as long, and when I climb a flight of stairs -- or a mountain -- I am winded less easily. My sense of taste and smell is better and non-smokers don't think I smell (or taste) like an ashtray anymore. I can stay inside when the weather sucks, and when it doesn't I can still go out for no reason at all. I need air, food, water, and shelter. I don't need a cigarette. Life as a non-smoker rocks.

So I would give this advice to anyone who's quitting: Do your own thing. A lot of people tell you a lot of crazy things about quitting smoking. Seriously, all you really have to do is not smoke. Once you figure out a way you can be sane without cigarettes, the rest is doable.


That's all I wanted to say about smoking :)

Now that I've posted something on LJ, I will try to come back soon! Right now I'm a little busy with living, work, etc. I'm getting ready for the MoCCA cartoon art festival in NYC in a couple weeks. I'm excited! NYC, I <3'ed you before it was cool :)

And if you want comics please go check! See you soon :)
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Monkeys with Typewriters

In recent months, my friends and I started a write-in club at The Soundry. It's an "extreme writing" club, meaning we sometimes do speed-writing and we're in it for the action. This is to say we WRITE. We don't muddle around with readings, discussions, and exercises except for what happens naturally in the course of our 4+ hour long Monday night meetings.

Our club is called Monkeys With Typewriters (MoWiTy). It's been a real boon to me creatively. These last few weeks, I used the time to make comics instead of write the young readers' fantasy novel I'd been working on (which needs a lot of editing). Now I have a ton of new comics in the hopper and am really psyched about finishing them.

There's something electric about the hum of productivity and being surrounded by cool people doing interesting things. It changes, and it leaves one place for another sometimes, but I hope it never leaves my life. And I hope I will always chase it when it does.
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2010 hangovers

New stuff:

I did a loosely autobio comic for sticky comics this week:

2010 hangover

I also posted a red balloon comic for Monday. I don't know if I'll be posting all my new stuff on LJ moving forward, but since I'm updating sticky comics a few times a week again, I'll try to update over here every week or so.

I hadn't seen Battlestar Gallactica until recently. Now I'm horribly addicted to watching it on Netflix and I have officially had my first Netflix hangover of 2011 too.

Hope everyone's having a rockin' day. Or night :)
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Last day of 2010

Hi LJ! This is my first update in a while again.

I posted some new comics since my last post. Here's the one I posted today:

the city that has insomnia

You can check out the rest on my website if you want:

I'm going back to regular comics updates for 2011. Finally! So excited.


post-halloween update!

Well geez, the last few weeks have been CRAZY. Mostly crazy with work but I also threw a big crazy Halloween party with my sisters which was awesome. I was The Lumberjack Song with my good pal Kate. Here I am with some freshly chopped wood:


Here are drawings I posted to since I last updated LJ:

a new day begineth phoenix

Wright Brothers are bi-curious

In other news, I am slowly but surely working on utterly failing National Novel Writing Month again, wherein you supposedly write an entire 50,000 word novel in a single month. But at least I'm writing! It's good times. We had a sushi write-in on Monday and drank a lot of rum.

Also, I went to Super Art Fight on Tuesday, which is always an adventure!

Last night, I saw the latest Grindhouse movie, Machete, which was really badass. It was witty, current, and brimming with hilarious sex and violence. I saw it at the Cinema 'N' Drafthouse and liked it so much I wished there had been more people in the audience to enjoy it. So good.

Tonight I'm heading to The Soundry for a member orientation -- although we (Ten East Read) actually joined a month or two ago, it will be good to finally get oriented :)