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big problems
tree, me
big bird's snuffleupagus problem

Here's a new thing I put on http://stickycomics.com last night :)

I'm happy it's Monday for a change. I have a lot of work to do this week, but I'm looking forward to getting it done.

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While it is true that when Snuffleupagus was introduced on the third season of Sesame Street, most thought he was Big Bird's imaginary friend. Only the kids and Big Bird saw Snuffleupagus and the adults always managed to miss him by seconds. However, by the 17th season of Sesame Street everybody could see him as he was indeed real. Now in their 41th year, Snuffleupagus is just another character.

It is a wonder that I grew up on Sesame Street and remember those early episode and now see my kids growing on the new episodes.

I didn't know he was real now! He's still imaginary to me, but I'm clearly behind on my Sesame Street :) Or maybe Sesame Street is now told from Big Bird's warped point of view ...

Sesame Street's format has changed dramatically over the years. Currently it holds together a series of 15 minute segments with the regular cast in the first segment, followed by Murray Has A Little Lamb/Word on the Street, a computer animated Abby's Flying Fairy School, and a claymation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventure and ending with Elmo's World.

Whoa, that is different. I hope you can get some DVDs of the old shows so your kids don't miss out on past favorites :) We never had cable so I watched soooooo much PBS growing up. My other favs were Square One and 3-2-1 Contact.

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