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Yay New York Comic Con!

I was also a bit dumbfounded by how to deal with all the kids. Our "mad science" display drew them in like moths to a flame, but the characters in our comic all curse like sailors. Oh well... kids need to learn how to properly drop an f-bomb at some point, right?

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Yeah, that was awesome! I found that picture of the Empire State Building on my iPhone and it took me a while to figure out what it was!

We should just put out PG rated books where all the swears are #%%*@#@!!. It's so lazy it just might work :)

Hey was great to meet you at NYCC!

Yeah, you too! :) I will probably apply for an artists' alley table if I go back next year, unless I can co-exhibit with people in the main room or something. Good times :)

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