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New York Comic Con was awesome
tree, me
New York Comic Con was last weekend and it was a really badass time.

We arrived in Brooklyn way earlier than planned on Friday and hung out at a Polish restaurant, then a Mexican/Italian restaurant, then an Irish Pub. At the pub there was a sign on the wall that said "FREE SHOT if you buy $10 of candy for my school fundraiser." We thought that was pretty hilarious.

I insisted we stop drinking before we met up with our NYC friends because we didn't want to get all "durnk and b'ligent". But we were already silly. So Jim took this picture and and we captioned it on the iPhone (using Photogene). Here is the result:

Durnk and B"ligent

On Friday we set up our table exhibit at the New York Comic Con. We had a great time sharing our table with a new comic series called First Law of Mad Science which you should definitely check out. Here's a pic of our table at some point on Friday:

Sticky Comics table
(Wow I look tired already)

We debuted a new t-shirt design at NY Comic Con. It says "Solstice Is Wiccan Awesome." You will be able to get them at our online store, http://teneastread.com, very soon.

Things got totally effin nuts at the Comic Con. There were something like 100,000 people there. We talked so much my voice went out eventually (but not until Monday). I sold prints and shirts, met a lot of cool people, saw a lot of cool people again, and generally had an awesome time.

We were exhibiting next to Teddy and the Yeti (Wagon Wheel Comics). They were awesome neighbors! On Saturday, one of them wore this awesome Thundercats get-up:


On Saturday night, I went out for dinner with some of my favorite auto-biographical webcomics artists, Ami who makes The Glass Urchin and Bree who makes Sex, Drugs, and June Cleaver. (I even got a cameo in Bree's comic that weekend!) Also joining us were Ross who does The System, some Digital Pimps, Eric Kim who is an awesome comics artist, and Eisenberg and Mertz, the aforementioned Mad Scientists.

When we left there, we went to the New York Comic Con Indy Comics Afterparty, where there was a live performance from Gordon Gano and the Ryans! Gordon Gano is the former front man of a little band called the Violent Femmes, which was actually my favorite band for a while in High School. In high school, I got grounded for sneaking off to a Violent Femmes show PLUS detention for wearing one of their t-shirts. True love. So it was awesome to go see Gordon's new band at a very small venue with my old buddy from high school, Bethany. Here's a photo I took of Bethany with the band:

Bethany with Gordon Gano and the Ryans

Then we went out to a rooftop bar in Koreatown with Canadian Eric Kim, Englishman Andrew Wheeler and some other cool people. We were partway up the Empire State Building and were treated to this awesome view:

View of the empire state building

Afterwards we REALLY wanted to go out and do karaoke in Koreatown all night, but reason overcame us and we went home and got some beauty rest. We needed it badly.

Comic Con was CRAZY all weekend, and Sunday was no different. It was kids day, which is kind of awkward because my work totally looks kid-friendly but is often not kid-friendly at all. It's funny how many people still think comics are just for kids. Whatevs.

A lot of cool people came by throughout the weekend! It was so nice to see everyone. A few of the fly-bys I haven't mentioned already include Luke who does Moon Freight Three (he has a new book out about life in the comic book shop which is pretty funny) and the talented Brooklyners Darryl Ayo of Little Garden Comics and the prolific L. Nichols.

I also saw a ton of other people I met at the other shows I did this year: MoCCA, ConnectiCon, Philly Alt Comic Con, and Intervention. It is so nice to see everyone again! I'm considering doing these shows again next year ... I've done enough conventions now that it's not very difficult to get organized and show up anymore. But at the same time, the introvert in me just wants to stay home and make funny pictures.

On the way home I had an amazing sandwich in Staten Island. It was so good. I may still be talking about this sandwich when I'm a withered little old lady. Wow.

This concludes my long-winded run down of New York Comic Con. What a great weekend! Thanks to everyone who was there for making it a killer good time :)

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Yay New York Comic Con!

I was also a bit dumbfounded by how to deal with all the kids. Our "mad science" display drew them in like moths to a flame, but the characters in our comic all curse like sailors. Oh well... kids need to learn how to properly drop an f-bomb at some point, right?

Edited at 2010-10-18 02:51 pm (UTC)

Yeah, that was awesome! I found that picture of the Empire State Building on my iPhone and it took me a while to figure out what it was!

We should just put out PG rated books where all the swears are #%%*@#@!!. It's so lazy it just might work :)

Hey was great to meet you at NYCC!

Yeah, you too! :) I will probably apply for an artists' alley table if I go back next year, unless I can co-exhibit with people in the main room or something. Good times :)

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