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Hourly comics
tree, me
I'm participating in Hourly Comics Day. This is pretty hard because as you might notice I'm spending a lot of Sunday away from home. I decided to just draw in pencil instead of trying to ink them (there aren't enough hours in the day). Here we go ...



UPDATE: And a third! Now I have to draw some more in the car as I go on another trip ...


UPDATE: Scanned two new ones ...



UPDATE: I don't know if "barbaricly" is a word, but whatevs



UPDATE: I'm almost done posting these. I love the 2nd panel in this one.


UPDATE: This is my last hourly comic for Hourly Comics Day! Wow that was kinda hard. Let me know what you think :)


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Haha. It's fun to see yours from the super bowl party! I've got mine, but am not going to tackle scanning them till tomorrow. It's about my bedtime!! See you soon!

I love the halftime show one!

Awesome Comics

Love these - great job! I like the second panel of the halftime show too! ~ cha cha


I especially love your "Holy Crap! The Superbowl!" logo. I would love to see NBC use it for next year's event!

Which Alien am I on the couch?

Well the one with the four nipples is supposed to be a girl :)

...you had one fine day! Nice bird of prey.

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